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Chloe is from the breeding of Blitzkrieg Bazil and Electric Zena.  We chose Chloe for her extremely strong pedigree including dogs such as PZD Beeste, Nostras Zulu, Cabaret Parvarotti, and others. 
Chloe has what I believe to be the ideal boerboel temperment.  She is fearless and very protective and does not back down from anything, yet she is gentle and cautious around kids.  Her energy knows no end and she amazes me everyday with her agility and athleticism.  She is very curious and into everything.  Chloe was appraised at 16 months old and scored an 83.6.  Chloe has a strong head with perfect ears, good muscling, and strong shoulders.  She does have a slight underbite, and is also lacking in pigmentation.  Chloe does carry the dilute blue gene, which is accepted by the SABT at this time, but because we are not fans of the dilute blue, we will breed away from it.